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Dynamics dimensionalities

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A. For each of the quantities specified, put in the box the dimensionality of the quantity in terms of the appropriate powers of the dimensions M (mass), L (length), and T (time).


Position:        [x] =

Velocity:        [v] = 

Acceleration: [a] =

Force:            [F] =


B. For each of the equations below, if t represents a time, d represents a distance, v represents a velocity, and f represents a force, identify whether the equation is dimensionally correct by putting the letter A (for "allowed") or F (for "forbidden") on the line after it. 

  1.  Δt = mv/f
  2.  Δt = f/mv
  3.  Δt = fv/m
  4. d = mv2/f 
  5. d = f/m
  6. d = mv/f 


C. For each equation below, solve for the indicated quantity.

  1. F/m = Δvt                       solve for Δt 
  2. Fnet = Fapp - βRv                 solve for β



Joe Redish 10/9/15

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