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Charge in the CGS system

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In this class, we mostly use the SI units system, which measures charge in Coulombs. Some physicists use the CGS system, which has only centimeters, grams, and seconds (hence the name). In this system, Coulomb's law has the equation 

There is no constant like LaTeX: k_C in this system. Instead, charge itself has dimensions of mass, length, and time in some combination. That is, in this system


1a - What is LaTeX: \alpha?

1b - What is LaTeX: \beta?

1c - What is LaTeX: \gamma?

1d - Please explain your reasoning


2 - Charge in this system is measured in terms of statcoulombs, statC.

Find the charge on an electron in statC. 

Note: This is a multi-step unit conversion. Take your time and be careful!


3 - Can you think of an advantage to doing dimensional analysis in CGS rather than SI? A disadvantage? Or does it not matter?

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