Upcoming Conferences:

Jan 4-7, 2014 (deadline September 18, 2013)

Orlando, FL

AAPT Winter Meeting

Attending: NONE!


February 23-24, 2014

Mid-Atlantic Learning Assistant Workshop

College Park, MD

Attending: Vashti Sawtelle, Chandra Turpen, Todd Cooke, Edward Redish, Ben Dreyfus, Ben Geller...


March 3-7, 2014 Denver, CO (deadline November 15, 2013)

APS March Meeting

including a session on "Teaching at the Intersection of Physics and Biology"

Attending: Wolfgang Losert & Chandra Turpen (invited talk)


March 14-16, 2014 (deadline January 3)

Arlington VA

IPLS Conference

Attending: Ben Dreyfus? and/or Ben Geller


March 30-April 2, 2014 (deadline presentations: August 15, 2013; deadline for pre-conference workshops: August 31, 2013)

Pittsburgh, PA


Attending: Julia Gouvea (funding through Davis), Vashti Sawtelle, & Chandra Turpen


April 3-7, 2014 (deadline: July 22, 2013)

Philadelphia, PA

AERA -- Intending to NOT submit; NONE Attending


April 5-8, 2014 Savannah, GA (deadline January 10)

APS April Meeting

Attending: Joe Redish (invited talk)


May 29-31, 2014 (deadline December 15, 2013)

San Francisco

Jean Piaget Society - "Rethinking Language & Communicative Development"

Intending to NOT submit; NONE Attending


June 8-13, 2014 (deadline: May 11, 2014)

Mt. Holyoke College

Gordon Conference: The Complex Intersection of Biology and Physics

Attending: Joe Redish (invited talk); Todd Cooke (invited talk); Wolfgang Losert (invited)


June 23-27, 2014  (deadline: November 8, 2013)

Boulder, CO


Submissions from: Julia Gouvea (funding through Davis), Vashti Sawtelle (YES!), Ben Geller?, Chandra Turpen


July 17-20, 2014

University of Minnesota


Attending: Julia Gouvea (possibly with HHMI funds?)


July 26-31, 2014 (AAPT abstract deadline: March 3.  PERC deadlines: "invited" sessions May 16, contributed posters May 30, papers June 27)

AAPT Summer Meeting / PERC

Minneapolis, MN

Attending: Vashti Sawtelle; Ben Dreyfus?; Ben Geller?, Chandra Turpen?


Summer 2014


Attending: Ben Dreyfus?, Chandra Turpen? Ben Geller?


Past Conferences:

September 5-9, 2012, Seville, Spain

Joint IUBMB & FeBS Congress, "From single molecules to systems biology"

     - Submission Deadline: May 31, 2012

          - Joe is going and giving an invited talk


November 8-10, 2012, Crystal City, VA

Reinvention Center Conference

         - Kaci will be going and giving an invited talk 


January 5-9, 2013, New Orleans LA

AAPT Winter Meeting

Abstract deadline: October 3


March 18-22, 2013, Baltimore MD

APS March Meeting

Abstract deadline: November 9


April 6 - 9, 2013, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

NARST 2013 Annual Meeting

     - Submission Deadline: August, 2012


April 27 - May 1, 2013, San Francisco, CA

AERA 2013 Annual Meeting

      - Submission Deadline: June, 2012

          - Julia is likely going


July 11-14, 2013, Minneapolis MN


Proposal deadline (400 words):  March 4


July 13-17, 2013, Portland OR

AAPT Summer Meeting


July 17-18, 2013, Portland OR



Past Conferences:

February 14-18,2010, Washington DC

American Association of Physics Teachers / American Physical Society (AAPT/APS) joint meeting.


March 18-21, 2010, Philadelphia PA

National Science Teachers Association National Conference


April 30-May 4, 2010, Denver CO

American Education Research Association Annual Meeting:

"Understanding complex ecologies in a changing world"


July 17-21, 2010, Portland, OR 

American Association of Physics Teachers Summer Meeting


August 1-5, 2010, Denton TX

Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE)


January 26-28, 2011, Washington DC

NSF CCLI Principal Investigators Conference     



March 25-28, 2012, Indianapolis, IN

NARST 2012

     - Submission Deadline: Past

     - Julia is attending (not presenting on physics for biologists)


April 13-17, 2012, Vancouver, BC, Canada

AERA 2012


May 13-16, 2012, East Lansing, MI

Conference on Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning


June 3-7, 2012, St. Paul, MN

TRUSE 2012, Transforming Research in Undergraduate STEM Education

     - Contributed Poster Deadline: May 4, 2012

     - Travel Grant (grad students and post-docs eligible): April 13, 2012

          - Eric is going to present work on his TRUSE mini-grant.

          - Joe is giving an invited talk.

          - Chandra, Julia, and BenG are interested in attending.


July 1-6, 2012, Istanbul, Turkey

World Conference on Physics Education

          - Joe is going to receive an award

- Joe suggested Arnaldo they could make a joint proposal of a symposium. That required presentation of four related studies.

  Arnaldo submitted "Changing Perspectives Through Interactions of Diverse Communities"

  Two studies relate to the NEXUS work (Study A--Joe, Arnaldo, Julia, Chandra, Ben D. and Ben G. & Study B--Arnaldo, Chandra, Vashti)

          - There will be "invited" proceedings papers for this conference 


July 12-15, 2012,  Minneapolis, MN

SABER 2012 (Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research)

     - Submission Deadline: April 9, 2012

     - Joelle will go and present a poster

     - Kristi will present a poster

     - Todd and Vashti are interested in going


July 28 to August 1, 2012, Philadelphia, PA

AAPT Summer Meeting  2012, American Association of Physics Teachers

     - Submission Deadline: March 28th (Abstracts due)

          - Eric is going

          - Joe is going and giving an invited talk

          - Chandra is going

          - Ben D. is going

          - Ben G. is going

          - Vashti going


August 1 to 2, 2012, Philadelphia, PA

PERC 2012 - Physics Education Research Conference

     - Submission Deadline: Abstracts-June 1st; Papers-July 6th

          - Ayush, Chandra, et al. are organizing it.

          - Eric and Joe are also going

          - Ben D. is going

          - Ben G. is going

          - Vashti is going

          - Jess is going


July 29 to AUG 2, 2012, Penn State University, University Park, PA
Biennial Conference on Chemical Education