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Papers on Biological Physics

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Russ Hobbie

For many years Russ has been publishing on the subject of physics in the medical and life sciences.  He has two resource letters with many references on the subject and his papers, even ones thirty years old, have some excellent and valuable examples.  He is the author the textbook (now in its fourth edition):


R. K. Hobbie, Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology (Springer, 2010).


Here are some of his papers that might be useful.


R. K. Hobbie, "Resource letter MP-1: Medical Physics", Am. J. Phys. 53:9 (1985) 822-829.

R. K. Hobbie & B. J. Roth, "Resource letter MP-2: Medical Physics", Am. J. Phys. 77:11 (2009) 967-978.

R. K. Hobbie, "The Electrocardiogram as an Example of Electrostatics", Am. J. Phys. 41:6 (1973) 824-831.

R. K. Hobbie, "Nerve Conduction in the Pre-Medical Physics Course", Am. J. Phys. 41:10 (1973) 1176-1183.

R. K. Hobbie, "Teaching Exponential Growth and Decay: Examples from Medicine"Am. J. Phys. 41:3 (1973) 389-393.

R. K. Hobbie, "Osmotic Pressure in the Physics Course for Students of the Life Sciences", Am. J. Phys. 42:3 (1074) 188-197.

R. K. Hobbie, "Physics Useful to a Medical Student"Am. J. Phys. 43:2 (1975) 121-132. [Erratum, ibid., 45 (1977) 310.]

R. K. Hobbie, "Improved Explanation of the Electrocardiogram", Am. J. Phys. 52:8 (1984) 704-705.


Joel Michael

A physiologist at Rush Medical College, Joel Michael has written a useful textbook on Physiology that includes a lot of useful examples


J. Michael & S. Sircar, Fundamentals of Medical Physiology (Thieme, 2010)


and has been a contributor to research on medical education.  Here are some of his papers.


J. Michael, et al., "Undergraduates understanding of cardiovascular phenomena", Advances in Physiological Education 26:2 (2002) 72-84.


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