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How the course is taught will depend on when we assume the students take it and what courses we choose as prerequisites.  The team's tentative decision in the first meeting was to assume:


  • The course will be taken by most biology students in their second year.


  • We will assume that students have completed
    • One year of calculus (MATH 130-131 or the equivalent)
    • One year of biology (BSCI 105-106 or the equivalent) 
    • One semester of chemistry (CHEM 131 or the equivalent)


The content of these courses is described in more detail on the linked pages.


MATH130 - Calculus for Life Sciences I


MATH131 - Calculus for Life Sciences II


BSCI105 - Principles of Biology I: Introduction to cellular and molecular biology.


BSCI106 - Principles of Biology II: Introduction to organismal and evolutionary biology, ecology.


CHEM131 - Fundamentals of General Chemistry I: Overview of the periodic table, chemical bonding, bulk properties of material, chemical equilibrium.



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