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MATH131: Calculus for Life Sciences II

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The second math prerequisite we expect students to have. Topics typically covered include integrals, matrices, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, functions of many variables, partial derivatives, systems of ODES, probability and random variables, and stability in one and higher dimensions. More information may be found below.


Course Websites (contain syllabi, exams, and biologically geared HW/projects/lessons):





Syllabus 1


Sample Exams:



Previous Texts:

  1. Calculus with Applications for the Life Sciences, by R. Greenwell, N. Ritchey, M. Lial.  Published by Addison Wesley.  ISBN: 0201745828 (Current) (Sp09) (F09)(Sp10) (F10) (Sp11)
  2. Modeling the Dynamics of Life, by Frederick R. Adler.  Published by CENGAGE Learning.  ISBN: 0534404863 (Sp08) (F08)


Current/Previous Instructors:

Justin Wyss-Gallifent

Tim Pliachowski

Denny Gulick?

Casey Cremins?

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