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Assessing Competencies

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An essential task for the NEXUS project is to not only develop instruction that fosters the competencies specified in the SFFP, Vision and Change, and MR5 reports, but to be able to assess them.  This requires a fine-grained analysis of what's involved in a competency. In particular, in order to create assessment items, we need to think explicitly about WSSBATDs (What Students Should Be Able To Do).


The following pages provide breakdowns of competencies into component skills and link to sample questions that could play a role in an instrument assessing the competencies in the context of physics.


We will also be assessing competencies as part of larger modules or threads.


Analysis of Competencies


Quantitative Skills and Reasoning  (QS)

(HHMI - E1; AAAS - 2)



Scientific Practices (SP)

(HHMI - E2; AAAS - 1)


Understanding Mechanics (UM)

(HHMI - E3.1)


Understanding Energy (UE)

(HHMI - E3, E4.4)


Understanding Entropy (UEp)


Applying Physics ideas in Biology (PIB)

(HHMI - E3; AAAS - 4)

  • The micro-macro connection (PIB:MM) 


Interdisciplinarity (ID) 


Meta-Representational Competency (MRC)


Coherence-Seeking (CS)





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