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Catherine's Materials

Page history last edited by Julia Gouvea 11 years, 2 months ago

Guide to materials


Six major topics to the course, in the following sequence:

  1. Geometric optics (2.5 weeks)
  2. Electrostatics (2.5 weeks)
  3. Electric circuits (2 weeks)
  4. Magnetic forces and fields (2 weeks)
  5. Electromagnetic induction (2 weeks)
  6. Electromagnetic waves and wave optics (3 weeks)


For a table linking physics content to biological contexts see: Swarthmore Syllabus


Lecture Notes - The PDF file includes my handwritten class notes for the lecture segments and demonstrations that connect the ConcepTests and problems, as well as the single-page versions of the ConcepTests and problems that I project on a document camera during class. As part of the class discussion of the CTs and problems, I typically write on the sheet with the CT or problem as students offer suggestions on how to explain the question or solve the problem, so the scanned page includes both what I originally displayed and the writing I did as we discussed the item.


ConcepTests - has the files (again dated by class) that just include the ConcepTests or problems to be projected. I included both the word documents and the PDF versions.


Homework and Solutions




Laboratories - I uploaded my complete lab manual from 2010 in several parts. The Geometric Optics labs that I uploaded separately have been improved recently. Likewise the separately uploaded electrocardiography lab is more recent than the lab manual. (Note: the ECG lab is to my mind pretty dubious pedagogically -- pretty cookbook -- but students really enjoy doing it. I'd love to discuss this further sometime.) However, I thought it might be useful to see the whole lab manual as well.


Proposed electrostatics problem (waiting to hear from Paul Janmey on his feedback) PIP2 problem.docx

Calculation for solution to PIP2 problem PIP2problem_calculation.pdf

Page with more electrostatics thoughts/ideas Electric forces contexts needed


Geometric optics outline followed by ConcepTests and in-class problemsGeometric optics.docx

Geometric optics homework (PS1 and PS2, and additional problem 1 on PS 3)Optics_PS_S2010.pdf

Word docs for homeworkPS1_S10.doc PS2_S10.docx

Geometric optics labs GeoOptics_P4L_2011.pdf

Solutions to warmups for lab 2 2_warmup_solns.pdf


Biological context problems from Swarthmore second semester IPLS_problems


Some context-rich first semester problems from Minnesota sample mechanics problems


Normally these materials are available at



Syllabus for Minnesota course with contexts Minnesota_syllabus_2009.docx

Proposed table of contents from Ken and Catherine with contexts including comments pointing to resources for these contexts.proposed TOC with resources.docx




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