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Problems Physics 132

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A major component of any successful physics course are the problems and activities. The problems and activities provided for the NEXUS Physics course include homework problems, problems appropriate for in-class group-work, and clicker questions. Below is the set of items delivered to the Introductory Physics for Biologists II class in the Spring of 2012. Note that for this first pass through the class, about half of the problems were problems previously constructed as "Thinking Problems in Physics". These homework problems were built to help students develop critical thinking skills and to make connections between the physics they were learning and their intuitive experience. These are given in the first column while the homework problems with more explicit biological context and motivation are given in the second column. The third column contains the problems and activities (of both types) that were used in recitation as group work, and the fourth column contains links to in-class multiple-choice clicker questions.


Standard Physics Homework Problems Biologically Oriented Homework Problems Recitation Problems Exam Problems
Mathematics, Estimation, Dimensional Analysis  
Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics   


Oscillations and Waves   







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