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Retinal display

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Apple is advertising (in 2011) its new 3 megapixel display iPad as having a “retinal display”, i.e., the screen contains 3 x 106 dots that show color and is claimed to have as high a density of display pixels as your retina has detector pixels (cones). Let’s see how good this statement is by estimating the number of pixels in your retina. Only consider the cone cells that detect color. The drawing at the right shows how much of the eye is covered by the retina. The distance between cones on the retina is typically about 2-3 microns (micrometers).  Estimate the number of cones on your retina. Is “retinal display” a reasonable claim for the new iPad? Be sure to clearly state your assumptions and how you came to the numbers you estimated, since grading on this problem will be mostly based on your reasoning, not on your answer. 




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