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Physics 115 Course Homepage

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Physics 115: Inquiry into Physics

PHYS 115 - Section 0201

University of Maryland, College Park


Website: http://tinyurl.com/sawtelle-phys115


Class time and location: Mon, Tues, Wed, 10am - 11:50am, Physics 3316


Instructor: Vashti Sawtelle                              

E-mail: sawtelle@umd.edu                                  Office: Physics 1326

Office Ph: (301) 405-6179                                  Office hours: Wed 2:30pm - 4pm or By appointment (as requested)


Contact information for TAs:



About this course:

This course is intended for Elementary Education and Early Childhood majors.  In addition to learning some physics we want you to experience a style of science instruction that is different from, and arguably superior to, the common school science instruction that is teacher-centered and focuses primarily on accumulating correct answers.  The purpose is to provide you with some experiences to consider when you begin thinking seriously about teaching science in your own classroom. 


It’s a common idea to think that learning science involves taking in facts and formulas and memorizing them. But this isn’t what scientists really do! Scientists come up with ideas by developing, testing, and refining models. They do all this in an effort to understand the way the world works. My goal in this class is for us to do what scientists do – that is come up with ideas, test them, and refine them in an effort to understand phenomenon.


To download a full syllabus for this course click here: PHYS 115 Spring 13 Syllabus.pdf


Brief schedule for the class:


Introduction to the class  01/23 
Circuits  01/28 - 02/20
Exam 1  02/25 
Floating & Sinking  02/27 - 4/3 
Exam 2  4/8
Temperature & Heat (or Magnetism depending on class interest) 4/10 - 5/8
Exam 3 final exam time



Homework Assignments:


Homework 1  Due 1/28  Phys115_Hmwk1.pdf
Homework 2  Due 2/4  Phys115_Hmwk2.pdf  
Homework 3  Due 2/12 Phys115_Hmwk3.pdf  
Homework 4   Due 2/18  Phys115_Hmwk4.pdf  
Homework 5  Due 2/25  Phys115_Hmwk5.pdf  
No homework - exam  
Homework 6   Due 3/11  Phys115_Hmwk6.pdf  
Homework 7 Due 3/25 Phys115_Hmwk7.pdf  
Homework 8 Due 4/1 Phys115_Hmwk8.pdf  
Homework 9
Due 4/9 Phys115_Hmwk9.pdf  
No homework - exam  
Homework 10 Due 4/22 Phys115_Hmwk10.pdf  
Extra Credit Due 5/1 Phys115_ExtraCredit.pdf
Homework 11 Due 4/29 Phys115_Hmwk11.pdf  
Homework 12 Due 5/6 Phys115_Hmwk12.pdf  








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