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Catch-up Readings for 132 Spring 2013

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The full set of readings for Physics 131 (Fall 2012) are given here: Cumulative readings 131 Fall 2012.


If you took a traditional introductory physics class for your Physics I you might have missed some of the topics that we did in 131.  (The ones the 131 students had to summarize in MP are in green boldface.) The rest you can pick up as you need them throughout the class. There are basically four things that you might find different:


  • We do a lot of estimation and take it seriously;
  • We are explicit about the models we use and use the language of "system schema" to talk about them;
  • We talked explicitly about electric forces and energies;
  • We discussed atomic forces and simple models of molecular bonding.


Therefore, we encourage you to read the pages marked with an asterisk (*) before starting 132.


A lot of this will already be familiar to you. But we suggest that it might be useful for you to at least skim all these pages as some will introduce you to terminology that you might not have seen in your previous class, even if you understand the concept. This looks like a lot, but most of the pages are pretty short. And we won't need them all at once. You can pick them up (through prerequisite links in the pages you will be reading) as we go.


Introduction to the class



Modeling with mathematics



The Main Question: How do things move?


Values, change, and rates of change (*)


Physical content of Newton's Laws


Kinds of forces 


Coherent vs. random motion (*)


Fluid flow


Energy: The Quantity of Motion




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