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Working content I (2013)

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Content for First Semester - 131 


131 Class homepage


(Files marked *** are not yet written.)


Outline of First Semester Content 


1. Introduction to the class


1.1 The disciplines: Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Math *


1.2 Thinking about Thinking and Knowing


2. Modeling with mathematics


2.1 Using math in science


2.2 Mathematics Recap


Interlude 1: The Main Question: How do things move?


3 Kinematics: Where and When?


3.1 Where and When?


3.2 Kinematic Variables



4. Dynamics: Laws of Motion


4.1 Newton's Laws


4.2 Kinds of Forces



4.3 Coherent vs. random motion


5. Macro models of matter


5.1 Solids


5.2 Fluids


5.3 Heat and temperature


6. Energy: The Quantity of Motion


6.1 Kinetic energy and the work-energy theorem


6.2 Energy of place -- potential energy


6.3 The conservation of mechanical energy


6.4 An essential energy storage for life -- chemical energy ***


Interlude 2: The Micro to Macro Connection


7. Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics


7.1 Kinetic theory: the ideal gas law


7.2 The 1st law of thermodynamics


7.3 The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics  


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