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Kinetic theory and pressure

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A box of gas contains a mixture of two different gases, shown in the figure as blue molecules and red molecules. The temperature and pressure in the box are measured at STP (T = 300 K and p = 1 atmosphere). The blue molecules have 4 times the mass of the red molecules, but there are equal numbers of each kind in the box. The simulation has been running long enough at this time so that the all the measurements have stabilized. (Gravity is turned off in the simulation.)

1. Which molecules contribute more to the pressure measured by a meter in the wall of the box?

2. How do the temperatures of the molecules compare?


3. Which molecules are moving faster?

An additional amount of red molecules are introduced until the box contains 4 times as many of the red molecules as there are of the blue as shown in the figure at the right.

4. Now how do the average speeds of the molecules compare?
5. How do the temperatures of the molecules compare?

6. On the average, how do the contributions of the molecules to the force felt on the left wall compare?
Joe Redish 11/1/13

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