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Research Assessments (2013-2014)

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NEXUS Development Page


Intended Assessment* Plan for Quantitative Data Collection

*see details about the individual assessments in the table below

Assessment (Electronic or Paper) Fall 2013 PRE  Fall 2013 POST  Spring 2014 PRE  Spring 2014 Post 


Split class--

even student IDs: ELCASS

odd student IDs: MPEX

Split class--

even student IDs: ELCASS

odd student IDs: MPEX


Split class--

even student IDs: ELCASS

odd student IDs: MPEX


Split class--

even student IDs: ELCASS

odd student IDs: MPEX


FMCE (P)  Paper - 1st lab  Paper - last lab  NA  NA 
Thermo (P)  Paper - 1st lab  NA  NA  Paper - last lab 
Perceptions of Interdisciplinary Bridges (E) All students  All Students  All Students  All students 
End of term survey (E) NA  All students NA All students



Coarse-Grained Assessments

Assessment  Description Purpose  Given Previously?  To Give in FL13 - SP14 

Multiple-Choice: Pre/Post 



(FL11 Results)

47 items

Research-based evaluation of force and motion. Provides a comparison for student success in Newtonian mechanics with other courses and prior versions of Joe's class.  FL11,
FL13 Pre/Post
(modified for only electricity) 
  A combination of two research validated instruments that explore the conceptual understanding of electricity. Potentially provides a comparison between other physics courses and this version of a physics course.
(To make this useful we would likely have to look for particular comparison groups because it's not an assessment traditionally used and published about.) 
SP12 No.




Interdisciplinary cluster


33 items

Research-based attitudinal survey designed to assess students' expectations of how physics is done, what it means to learn physics, and how they expect the course to unfold. Provides a comparison for students data with prior versions of Joe's class. 

Split with 1/2 of the class. Other half is getting E-CLASS 

FL11, SP12

FL12, SP13

FL13 Pre/Post


SP14 Pre/Post



31 items

A research-based survey from the University of Colorado designed to assess student attitudes about doing experiments in physics labs. Not written for IPLS classes specifically, this survey allows us to compare with other E-CLASS users.

Split with 1/2 of the class. Other half is getting MPEX. 

FL 12, SP13

FL13 Pre/Post




Thermo Questions

(Thermo Assessment (Spring 2013)


14 items

A mixture of items from research-based non-IPLS thermodynamic conceptual evaluations and a few items taken directly from our course, or written by the research team. Intended to answer the question about whether our students are improving in their conceptual understanding of thermodynamics.


Pre/Post over the year.


FL13 Pre

SP 14 Post 

Perceptions of


F13 Results

20 items?

A new survey that the research team developed to that examine how students see (1) the connectedness of disciplines to one another (2) the relevance of mathematics to biology and physics, and (3) the relevance of simple models to biology and physics.


Surveys: mixture of open-ended and multiple choice


End of term survey

(SP13 results)



between 6 items (FL 12) and 22 items (SP 13)

These surveys are designed by the research team to probe course-wide a range of claims around (1) classroom norms, (2) emergent claims from case-studies, (3) student views on the relevance of the class to other parts of their lives. The survey has changed each semester in response to the research questions of primary interest.


Also includes multiple-choice & ranking questions about the laboratories.


FL11, SP12
FL12, SP13 

FL13 Post


SP14 Post 




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