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Seeing Kirchhoff's laws in a circuit

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In the circuit shown at the right, RA is identical to RB, and their resistance is half of RCRA = RB = ½ RC. The current through resistor A is iAiB is the current through resistor B, and iC through resistor C. The potential drop across resistor A is ΔVA and so on. The battery provides an EMF = ΔV0

1) Which of the following must be true of the currents in the circuit?  

a) iA = iB, only

b) iA = iC, only

c) iA = iB = iC

d) iA = iB + iC

e) iA = iBiC

f) None of these.


2) What is the relationship between iB and iC?

a) iB = ⅓ iC

b) iB = ½ iC

c) iB = iC

d) iB = 2iC

e) iB = 3iC

f) None of these


3) Which of the following must be true about the potential drops in the circuit?

a) ΔVA = ΔVB

b) ΔVB = ΔVC

c) ΔVA = ΔVB

d) ΔV0 = ΔVB + ΔVC

e) ΔV0 = ΔVA + ΔVB

f) ΔV0 = ΔVA + ΔVC



Joe Redish 4/19/13

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