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Spring 2015, Physics 131, Reminders from 4-17 Training

Page history last edited by Kim Moore 4 years, 11 months ago

Reminders from 4/17 Phys 131 TA/LA Training for the week of 4/20 (Lab 4, Part 2)


Here are the reminders/links that I said I would send.  You might consider sending an email to your students to make sure they do the pre-reading for Lab 4, Part 2 and that any groups who have not yet finished the ImageJ-tracking stage on their three lab videos get caught up before this week's lab section.  Info on how to contact your students can be found here: How to contact your students (just one of the many helpful pages we have linked from here: Physics 131-132 TA and LA Information ).


1. Recitation: Hold the Mayo/Estimating Capillaries OR Energy Skate Park

Hold the Mayo:  http://umdberg.pbworks.com/w/file/61771177/Hold%20the%20mayo.pdf

Estimating Capillaries: http://umdberg.pbworks.com/w/page/49226533/Estimating%20capillaries


Energy Skate Park: http://umdberg.pbworks.com/w/file/fetch/95157881/EnergySkateParkv1.pdf

NOTE: Make sure that your students are running "Energy Skate Park" and not "Energy Skate Park: Basics."


(Break)--Pass back graded Lab 3, if you have not yet done so....  (And get those Lab 3 grades and participation scores into ELMS!!)


2. Lab 4, Part 2:


Documents at: http://umdberg.pbworks.com/w/page/68933700/NEXUS%20Physics%20Labs%2C%202013-2014


a) Decide what you want to see in the reports and clearly communicate this to students. (Let them know the 'minimum' required elements in the report that you will be looking for when you grade.)


b) Make sure that all groups work through the mathematical modeling to gain an understanding of how/why the slopes of log-log plots are different for different types of motion.


c) Make sure that all groups work through the modeling of the physical mechanism of the competition between thermal forces and gravity so that they gain an understanding of why different sized object exhibit different types of motion and of why different time scales can cause a single object to exhibit different types of motion.  Challenge students to reason through this behavior from a physical/mechanistic picture and from a mathematical/graphical approach!


d) There should be plenty of time for group presentations/posters.  Try doing a different style for this lab than you did for the last lab.


e) Don't forget to collect the lab reports before the students leave.   Bring these reports to Kim (in room 1322) and she will scan these and get them back to you.


f) Please check the paper level and staple level before you leave the lab--extra staples and reams of paper can be gotten from Bill Norwood (office across the hall from 3310) or from Don.  Stock up to make the next TA's job easier.


g) Lastly, make sure that the lab room is neat for the next TA.  Organize documents (sort and place in the back by the printer), erase whiteboards, and clean up any used lab equipment.  Also, please make sure that the microscopes are turned off before you leave the room.


Let me know if you have any questions/concerns!


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